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 Xi said the CPC should be the backbone of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, work hard and share the comforts and hardships with the people and always maintain heart-to-heart communion with them.

 The Chinese people have been aware since ancient times that "we cannot sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others' work, and happiness can only be achieved through great endeavor", he said.

 So when I realized that simple hygiene practices like separating different animal species could contain the spread of the disease , and that I could help make this knowledge available to my village , that was my first “Aha” moment as a budding scientist。 But it was more than that: it was also a vital inflection point in my own ethical development , my own self-understanding as a member of the global community。 

 Only by adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics can the Chinese nation realize its great rejuvenation, Xi said.

 Foreign leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin sent messages to Xi Jinping on Saturday to congratulate him on his election as China's president.

 她在我的手上包了好几层棉花 ,棉花上喷撒了白酒 ,在我的嘴里放了一双筷子后 ,妈妈打火点燃了棉花。热量逐渐渗透过棉花 ,开始炙烤我的右手。灼烧的疼痛让我忍不住想喊叫 ,可嘴里的筷子却让我发不出声来。我只能看着我的手被火烧着 ,一分钟、两分钟 ,直到妈妈熄灭了火苗。





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